The BIOMOre Project – A New Mining Concept for Extracting Metals from Deep Ore Deposits Using Biotechnology / Das BIOMOre-Projekt – Ein neues Bergbaukonzept für die Förderung von Metallen aus tiefen Erzlagerstätten unter Ausnutzung von Biotechnologie

Prof. Dr. Lev Filippov and Eng. Caroline Izart (University of Lorraine, Nancy/France), Prof. Dr. Horst Hejny, MinPol GmbH, Dreistetten/Austria), Knut Ansgar Hirsch (DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Essen/Germany), Prof. Dr. Barrie Johnson (Bangor University, Bangor/Great Britain), Dr. René Kahnt (G. E. O. S. Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Freiberg/Germany), Dr. Horst Märten (Umwelt- und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, Dresden/Germany and Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd, Adelaide/Australia), Wickus Slabbert (Hatch LTD, Mississauga/Canada)

Mining Report 153 (2017) No. 5., Germany, 13 October 2017, 10 pages (pages 436 - 445)

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Approaches for Eliminating Bacteria Introduced during In Situ Bioleaching of Fractured Sulfidic Ores in Deep Subsurface

Hendrik Ballerstedt, Eva Pakostova, D. Barrie Johnson and Axel Schippers
Solid State Phenomena 262; Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland; 21 August 2017; 5 pages (pages 70-74)

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Reduction of Iron(III) Ions at Elevated Pressure by Acidophilic Microorganisms

Zhang, R., S. Hedrich and A. Schippers
Solid State Phenomena 262; Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland; 21 August 2017; 5 pages (pages 88-92)

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Proje européen BIOMOre
Un nouveau concept pour l’exploitation des gisements profonds grâce aux biotechnologies

Prof. Dr. Lev Filippov, laboratoire Georessources (University of Lorraine, Nancy/France), UMR 7359 CNRS-UL

“mines& carrières”  no. 248, June 2017, 5 pages (pages 10 - 14)

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Indirect oxidative bioleaching of a polymetallic black schist sulfide ore

Eva Pakostova, Barry M. Grail and Barrie Johnson
Journal Minerals Engineering; Volume 106; 15 May 2017; 6 pages (pages 102 - 107)


Indirect Redox Transformations of Iron, Copper, and Chromium Catalyzed by Extremely Acidophilic Bacteria

D. Barrie Johnson, Sabrina Hedrich and Eva Pakostova
Journal Frontiers in Microbiology; 10 Feb 2017; 15 pages


In-situ Bioextraction of Industry Metals from deep Ore Deposits to secure EU Resources Supply

Dr. Romy Matthies (G.U.B. Ingenieur AG), Dr. Horst Hejny (Dr. Horst Hejny Consulting), Knut Kirsch (DMT GmbH & Co. KG), Co-Authors: Dr. René Kahnt (G.E.O.S. Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH), Dr. Horst Märten (UIT GmbH), Prof. David Barrie Johnson (Bangor University)
Journal GeoResources;
German edition 03/2016; 12 Sep 2016; 5 pages (pages 34 - 38)
English edition 02/2017; 6 Jun 2017; 4 pages (37 - 40)


Column bioleaching of a saline, calcareous copper sulfide ore

Eva Pakostova, Barry M. Grail and Barrie Johnson
Conference International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium (Freiberg, Germany,  24th to 27th September 2017); Journal Advanced Materials Research; Trans Tech Publications Ltd; Switzerland; 2017; 4 pages


Integrated GIS, 3D CAD and 3D discrete numerical modelling of in-situ stress state at the North-Sudetic Trough

Prof. Dr. Heinz Konietzky, Kemal Yildizdag
Conference 12. Freiberg-St- Petersburg Colloquium of Young Scientists; Technical University of Freiberg Bergakademie; 2017; 4 pages


New mining concept for extracting metals from deep ore deposits using biotechnology (BIOMOre)

Petrus van Staden
Conference South Africa (SA)-European Union (EU) Marine and Polar Research Collaborations Workshop; South African department of Science and Technology (DST); 4 October 2016; 7 slides


Mineral Processing - The future of processing

Ailbhe Goodbody
Journal MiningMagazin; Jul/August 2016; 7 pages; (pages 62 - 68)


In situ bioleaching: an alternative approach of metal extraction from deep-buried sulfide ores

Eva Pakostova, Barry M. Grail and Barrie Johnson
Conference Geomicrobiology Network (Research in Progress Meeting); Bangor/UK, 13th to 14th June 2016); Geomicrobiology Network and Conference Biohydromet '16; Falmouth, England/UK; 20th to 22th June 2016; Minerals Engineering


Bergbaufirma beendet Kupfersuche

newspaper Sächsische Zeitung; May 31th 2016; 1 page


Reactive transport modelling based on velocity fields obtained on drill core scale

J. Lippmann-Pipke, L. Karimzadeh, P. Blanc, S. Eichelbaum, S. Schymura, T.Frühwirt, K. Rogóz, J. Kulenkampff
Confernce IMWA 2016; 2016


Process tomography and modelling of leaching processes

Johannes Kulenkampff, Lotfollah Karimzadeh, Stefan Schymura, Robert Barthen, Marion Gründig, Thomas Frühwirt, Philippe Blanc, Katarzyna Rogóż, Johanna Lippman-Pipke
Conference Interpore german Chapter Meeting 2016; 2016


Indirect anoxic bioleaching of a polymetallic ore: a model for in situ metal extraction from deep-buried ore bodies

Eva Pakostova, Barry M. Grail and Barrie Johnson
Conference Focused Meeting 2015: Industrial Applications of Metal-Microbe Interactions (London, UK, 9th to 10th November 2015); Microbiology Society


Indirect bioleaching of sulfidic ores and its importance for the development of in situ processing of deep-buried base metal deposits

Eva Pakostova, Barry M. Grail and Barrie Johnson
Poster International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium (Bali, Indonesia, 6th to 8th October 2015); International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium


Kupfer-Fracking für die Lausitz

Stephan Schön
newspaper Sächsische Zeitung; 4th April 2015; 1 page


Miniature miners making it big

M. Laqua
Journal European Biotechnology; Vol 14/2015; 5 pages (pages 52 - 56)


EU funds research project by DMT

Knut Hirsch
Journal Internord; No. 4/2014; TÜV NORD; Germany; 2 pages (page 12)