Economy meets ecology

The BIOMOre approach offers a number of benefits compared to conventional mining techniques.


  • Has the potential to reduce the EU’s dependency on the import of technology metals
  • Reduces costs of mining activities (surface and underground infrastructure, energy supply, tailings management)
  • Improves mine safety by operating from surface, thereby eliminating the exposure of personnel to underground conditions and hazards
  • Generates or maintains employment (mining industry, suppliers, machine engineering, IT, green technologies)


  • Allows extraction of metals from mineral deposits at depths greater than 1 km
  • Has a minimal footprint so that it is suitable for densely populated areas


  • Sustainability is evaluated as an integral part of process development
  • Minimal surface infrastructure and heavy lifting/haulage, thereby reducing the impact on habitats, visual and noise pollution, and dust generation
  • Minimizes energy consumption
  • Minimizes waste rock and tailings
  • Avoids potential environmental contamination originating from large tailings facilities, such as acid mine drainage