Investigating future mining

The BIOMOre project mainly aims at extracting metals in an economically and ecologically
optimized way from deep mineralized zones.

The increasing shortage of technology metals (Cu, Zn, Ni, Pb, Co, Mo, Re, REE or precious metals) in the EU requires new and innovative yet environmentally sustainable mining technologies. BIOMOre could be a cost-efficient and economical answer to this problem. Expanding pre-feasibility studies and related CAPEX and OPEX cost figures will be part of the project.

The BIOMOre objective is to develop an optimized technological concept for in-situ recovering of metals from the surface without the need of establishing an underground infrastructure. This technology, if successful, will make commodities accessible at depths greater than 1,500 m (Temperatures: 50 - 60 ÂșC) which are not exploitable using traditional underground methods.

The BIOMOre concept will reduce the environmental impacts of mining exploitation as a whole and improve chances for better public acceptance. The application of this new technology will of course be based on permits according to mining laws as well as environmental and water protection regulations.