University of Lorraine presents BIOMOre during the International Mineral Processing Congress IMPC 2016, 11-14 September 2016, Quebec, Canada

Several members of the University of Lorraine (9 researchers and professors) attended the International Mineral Processing Congress (IMPC) 2016 in Québec, Canada. The university gave 8 oral presentations and showed 2 posters. Additionally, the University ran a booth at the exhibition hall during the first two days of the congress (12-13/09/2016). Prof. Lev Filippov, Inna Filippova, Akira Otsuki, Saeed Farrokhpay and Quentin Dehaine from GeoRessources (CNRS-UL) ran the booth in turns and presented the ongoing projects at the GeoRessources laboratory and answered to visitor’s questions. Overall, the visitors were very interested into the large projects for its integrated scientific approach addressing many challenges in broad selection of complementary fields such as geology, mineral processing and environmental impacts. People were also impressed of the European project BIOMore for its innovative approach and the unconventional topics addressed compared to current research projects in Canada. Many questions addressed the following topics:

  • Alternative mining concepts such as in-situ bioleaching
  • What do European projects propose to deal with unconventional/small deposits in Europe compared to other major mining countries
  • The applicability and economic viability of developed technologies
  • The sustainable and environmental friendly mineral processing approaches and alternatives.

In summary, there was a good interaction with the visitors in particular those representing Canadian and/or North American companies and research foundations and councils. Further follow-up contacts are needed to establish future relationship. Further, possible collaboration with Canadian research centers and Universities were discussed during the Conference, which needs to be followed up.