Test equipment delivered to Rudna mine in Poland

After the successful factory acceptance tests in the Netherlands in July 2016, the test equipment for the underground tests in the BIOMOre project has been delivered to its final destination at Rudna mine of KGHM in Poland in October 2016. The overall size of the test rig is about 8 metres long, about 3 metres high and about 2 metres in width. The total weight is about 3 tons. Rudna mine is in Lubin, Poland, which is about 220 km east of Dresden, Germany and about 400 km west of Warsaw, Poland. The transportation from Enschede, Netherlands to Rudna mine (about 800 km) took 2 days.

The equipment must undergo some above ground safety and environmental compliance certifications that will take some 2 months. After successful finalisation of the certification, the equipment will be installed underground at the designated location and prepared for the underground tests.

This is a joint success of the BIOMOre consortium. With the cooperation of several consortium partners, Hatch designed the equipment based on models, simulations and lab test results and supervised the building of the equipment in the Netherlands.

A press conference for introduction of the equipment and the test setup is foreseen for beginning of 2017.